Memories Made to last a Lifetime

The Art of Jewelry Since 1969.

The Art of Jewelry Since 1969.

Vezzola Jewelry was founded at the end of the Sixties in Padenghe sul Garda, Italy, as a repair shop and a jewelry store. The founding father of this prestigious store was Oscher Vezzola, who began working as a goldsmith at a young age for a company in a little, far-away country. Vezzola Jewelry was born out of Oscher’s pure passion for beauty. Over the years, his children were also won over by this same passion. Oscher’s eldest son Stephen followed his father’s example as soon as he was able, followed soon after by Oscher’s daughter, Erica, who graces Vezzola Jewelry’s image with her great style and dedication. The Vezzola family’s extensive knowledge and dedication makes the store a real gem for all those who love to wear precious things ... at very competitive prices.

Preciousness in All Its Forms.

Jewelry, watches, household items and items for special occasions. We offer rings, bracelets, gold necklaces with diamonds and precious stones. Pearls, coral and turquoise. Besides jewelry, we also offer classic watches and designer watches, silverware, frames and gift ideas for the home. We also offer rings and favors for the bride and groom, for anniversaries and for special celebrations.

Craftsmanship in Every Job

The goldsmith’s workshop is the heart of Vezzola Jewelry. Golden threads are interwoven with pearls and precious stones. Beginning with the design, making the prototype, all the way to creating the jewelry, we advise and support every customer in their choice of shapes and materials in order to give life to our unique creations. The workshop also offers gem-setting, custom and new designs, polishing, rhodium plating and all types of repairs. Our hand-engravings are done by laser and pantograph.

The Precision of Gestures and Movement

Watches are an important part of our history. Every one of our watches is a tiny masterpiece of technology and mechanics. Besides sales, Vezzola Jewelry also provides customers with full support, including water resistance testing, polishing, internal mechanism repairs and the replacement of all worn parts to make your watch run like new again.

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